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What our customers have to say

Chris Hedley
BBC Sport, Senior Producer

Peer is a game changer for me. The stress of sending out documents that are read by loads of people has gone away. Having a voice reading back my documents gives me piece of mind that I am not making typos. Being dyslexic in journalism is sometimes a barrier – Peer breaks down those barriers.

Ros Terry
Artist and Creative working in Media

My Dyslexia has always been difficult to deal with. I have always tried to stay away from reading and writing. Peer has given me the support I need when reading and when I need to write. It’s allowed me to communicate my ideas to my clients helping me hear what I have written and type what I am thinking. Works great on my Mac and my Phone.

Gary Melican
Owner, Digital Agency

Peer has been surprisingly helpful for me when creating documents for clients. I don’t actually have dyslexia but I find the Text to Speech feature so helpful when drafting longer and sometimes complicated documents. The platform is also so easy to use that it always puts me in a good mood!

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